Charity Event for Georgia Blanch's Medical Costs

Author: Gathering of Worlds (Adam)  Date Posted:14 February 2019 

Edit 25/02/2019

At the end of Sunday with both Auctions ended and all money totalled we have raised $1,000 to help with the medical costs, this page will still be taking donations at the link at the bottom of article for the next 30 days we appreciate the help of everyone who donated and played in our event on the weekend. 


We are hosting a Modern Magic the Gathering Event to raise funds for Georgia Blanch's Medical costs....The following is a post by Cameron Blanch (brother).

For the last 7+ years my sister has been suffering from endometriosis and additional chronic illnesses. This week she was diagnosed with CFS, Fibromyalgia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. This has meant she has been unable to do conventional work at all. She also needs further testing for other issues that aren’t covered by Medicare. Some of these tests are thousands of dollars, not treatments, just the tests.

We would like to help raise as much money as possible to help this worthy cause.

Our event is set for Saturday the 23rd at 10 am

Cost is $30 (everything is donated) we had 17 players with $510 Raised

Format is Modern, the event will be Rules enforcement level with a Judge and deck lists will be required on the day before start.

Top Prize is a Commander Anthology II ($240 value) Donated by winner to be auctioned off $240 raised

Second place will be a Playmat Designed by Cameron Blanch, the playmat is limited to only two made and will be signed and numbered.

Final playmat will be Auctioned off after the event, Second Mat sold for $150

Please click the link below to donate to the cause, we appreciate any help given.




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